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You can get started in 3 simple steps. Step 1: Download the MuzHeal application Step 2: Signup and create a profile Step 3: Start exploring and listening to the MuzHeal libraries.
MuzHeal which means “Music” + “Heal”. We’re on a mission to heal people with the power of Music, Meditation, and Counselling. We understand that people are going through various mental health challenges which can neither be described nor shared. Mental challenges can be in the form of stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. At MuzHeal we have come up with a solution where you just need to put on your headphones and listen to the expert handpicked and hand-curated music in the form of medicines. MuzHeal is not only for problems, it is also for the daily well-being of your mind and body. MuzHeal provides music based on Indian Ragas to face Mental health Challenges and daily well-being in the form of guided meditation and naturopathy. We have more than 500+ Music doses including natural sounds, guided meditation, sounds created on frequencies that have the power to overcome mental health challenges.
The main idea of creating MuzHeal is to make you well again. For the health, and fitness domain we want to be the change that has the ability to improve mental fitness and contribute to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
At this time, MuzHeal is available in English. We are always looking forward to the expansion. Please mail us at for your preferences. We would love to hear you out.
MuzHeal is available on iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. It is compatible with the majority of iOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices. If you have a smartphone or tablet that does not support one of these app stores, you can reach out to our support team or write us at
If you're not able to find an answer to your question in our FAQs, On the Contact Us page, please enter your question in the contact form and our customer success team will get back to you within 24 hours. Trouble submitting the form, You can email us directly at Please note that sending an email may result in slightly longer response times than submitting a request directly through our contact form.
At the end of the promotional email, there is an unsubscribe button. To opt-out of the mailing list press the unsubscribe option.
You can easily log in to another device with the same credentials used during SignUp/Registration.
If you want to delete your MuzHeal Account, You will have to write us on our email id i.e. or you can fill out the form Contact us page and submit the form. We will acknowledge this through email once the account is deleted.
1) Open the MuzHeal application 2) Go to the profile section 3) Update your name or email id and submit.
If your application is crashing, you are requested to try these three things: 1) Restart your phone 2) Check for software update 3) Check for an application update. Still having issues, Write to us at
Privacy is the most important aspect for Muzheal and we are happy to provide a specific avenue to ask questions about this topic.
In the past, music has been used in many cultures for medicine and healing purpose. Music healing uses aspects of music to boost physical and as well as mental health and well-being. Also, music can extremely affect a particular's life by helping to reduce stress, depression, anger, etc.
MuzHeal introduced the concept of healing by using many types of music. These all music have a special frequency that helps people to come out from any type of problem. Music is said to improve intelligence and focus, raise mental health, and boost the immune system as well as self-esteem and confidence. It can be used to boost our mood and helps us to come out from insomnia and also increase concentration.
There is no age limit for listening to music for healing purposes. Every child, young and aged people can listen to music. some examples but not limited to: 1. Emotional disorders 2. Medically fragile 3. cancer patient 4. Children and adults with developmental disabilities for instance autism, Fragile X Syndrome 5. Learning disabilities
The music by MuzHeal will impact your mood and resist depression. Listening to music before an operation can increase post-surgery results. Music selectively activates neurochemical systems and brain structures associated with better mood, positive thoughts emotion regulation in ways that endorse favorable changes, says Kim Innes, a professor of epidemiology at West Virginia University's School of Public Health.
When a person listens to music, their brain is activated in a special way. For listeners, music activates the brain by setting off ‘Fireworks’; quickly decoding each element piece(rhythm, melody, etc.) and merging it again to hear the song unified. Some delightful findings of the impact of music on cognitive and emotional well-being: 1) Adults with no early music exposure but who currently engage in some music appreciation show above-average mental well-being scores. 2) Music listeners had greater scores for mental well-being and slightly reduced levels of anxiety and depression compared to people overall. 3) Of those who reported often being exposed to music as a child, 68% rated their ability to learn new things as “excellent” or “very good,” compared to 50% of those who were not exposed to music. 4) Active musical engagement, including those over age 50, was associated with higher rates of happiness and good cognitive function.
When a person is listening to healing music, that music effect stimulates circulation that allows muscle relaxation, and improves lymphatic flow. Also, the release of Endorphins is one of the reasons that proved to heal with music is effective. Endorphins are one type of hormone discharged by the brain in response to pain or stress. They are responsible for the "runner's high" that people experience and they can also be released when listening to music.
Listening or playing music is a great tool if you want to keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process because it gives a full brain workout. Listening to music can decrease blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and pain as well as increase memory, mood, and sleep quality.
There are many types of music available that help to heal you by yourself. 1) You can listen to meditation music when you are doing meditation, yoga, exercise , or any physical activities. 2) You can listen to boost immune system music to increase the immunity of your health. 3) Depression and stress music helps you to come out from depression, and stress. 4) If your mood is bad then you can listen to mood booster music to improve your mood. 5) We also have some music such as removing negative thoughts, removing bad habits, reducing anger, reducing back pain, and overcoming anxiety which is important to make your life peaceful and happy. 6) Study, focus, and concentration on music help you to increase your concentration power, performance in study, and get high scores. 7) Deep sleep helps with sleeping issues because it is necessary to take good sleep for staying happy and tension free. 8) We are providing special music that is heart disease music which is mainly useful for a patient who has problems related to the heart.
Nowadays, people have no time for meditation and physical exercise, so they face depression, stress, insomnia, too much anger, back pain, and heart disease. People choose smoking and other bad habits as a solution to this problem. This adversely affects the thinking process. To solve the following issues in life, people need healing partners. So MuzHeal is on a mission to heal by using music and some best frequency of Indian Ragas.